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20,54 km

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bei Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet (Saint Lucia)

BEAUTIFUL Hike... and not necessary to do all we did in one go! There are several paths along the way that can either shorten the hike or give you optional starting points.
You can see by our track that we deviated and took unknowingly took one "alternate" route that would have taken us back to either Rodney Bay or the Cap Estates depending upon which other paths we would have taken.
We retraced our steps and continued our exploratory hike.
There was one section that took us to a rocky cliff. We also doubled back and found an alternate path by a hut that led us to the beach.
There was a bit of water at the beach that needed crossing which meant wet shoes!
There were only two challenging areas which you can see in the photos. One was an area along the narrow ledge that had eroded away, and the other was a steepish rocky descent. Neither of these were too difficult or scary! So, don't let them discourage you!
The first and last sections of the hike were along the city roads. Note that at the village of Monchy where the hike ends, there is a bus that you can take back to Rodney Bay!!!
This was a beautiful hike. There were free roaming donkeys and horses along the way, as well as come "secured" cows and calves.


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