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bei Feiteiras, Madeira (Portugal)

32 km – 1200 m ascent
Rating 4 out of 5

This hike takes you from Machico along the steep cliffs of the eastern coast to Porto da Cruz, and from there back to Machico through dense forest via the PR5 Verada das Funduras. There’s the possibility to walk to the center of Porto da Cruz and take a bus back to Machico, but it’s more interesting to walk back to Machico via the PR5!

You start climbing from the beach at Machico until you reach the Levada do Canical, which you follow for about 3 flat kilometers. After you leave the levada it’s again a bit more climbing to the costal path with some great views of the high cliffs. Once you have reached Porto da Cruz, it is a very steep ascent to the start of the PR5 (600 m climbing in 3 km). This is on asphalt road and the last part through forest via the little paved stairs of the Caminho Municipal Portela-Cruz da Agra. The Verada das Funduras (PR5) goes from the nearby viewpoint Portela through Laurissilva forest to the village Marocos. The descent to Marocos is even steeper than the previous ascent, but there are wooden stairs in the trail to assist you. The last 2.5 km back to the beach of Machico are along one of the main asphalt roads of Machico. Maybe not the best scenery but to be honest, my tired legs did not mind some solid ground!

The combination of the levada, costal path and forest makes this a very diverse hike.

WARNINGS: At about 12.8 km in Porta da Cruz there’s the possibility to follow either the asphalt road or the dead-end street Caminho da Cha. I followed the last one but at the last houses of this street there were three quite aggressive little dogs. You may want to follow the asphalt road :-)

In Marocos I tried to avoid the asphalt roads as much as possible by following a levada. At about 26 km, the trail along the levada was slightly damaged, very narrow and a bit overgrown. Although it’s not too difficult to walk this part, you may want to consider to follow the main road Caminho da Ribeira instead. One km later you’ll end up there anyway.

This hike actually starts directly at the excellent accommodation that we rented: House on the Beach, see https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/265820


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