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bei Bargrennan, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Departure from small parking lot near Bruce's Stone.
Well marked path, except for the last couple of 100 meters to summit.
Beware for foggy weather and wind. Use GPS to backtrack when descending from the top in case of mist !
(I marked this trail "difficult" because of weather conditions ; visibility was approx. 10 meters on the top).

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von Screwdriver32

    Screwdriver32 05.10.2016

    | great walk with a bothy to have a sheltered pit stop in, but its a pity about the pay & display car park, the thief's know how long your away for by the details on the tickets.

  • Foto von Tramp

    Tramp 06.10.2016

    I also was surprised ; it's the first pay & display car park I encountered in a Scottish nature park.
    Originally we wanted to hike from the visitor centre, but I didn't want to walk just on gravel for the first miles. So we drove up to the parking at Bruce's stone. There is no pay & display there (also the parking to start he walk around Loch Trool is free of charge).

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