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bei La Oliva, Canarias (España)

Great volcano to look at, but the best thing for me on this trail is seeing how fertile the bad lands/malpais seems to be. From the extensive lichenous growth which gives the area a greenish hue to prickly pears and even fig trees growing within their own walled enclosures. You may also find numerous orchil growing, the lichen that was one time a profitable crop for the islanders which was used to make dye.

The path itself is easy to follow and takes the same route as the GR131 for some way. Conditions underfoot vary significantly from flat to rocky and unstable gravel

The route takes you around the volcano, ending up at a quarry and goat farm. Here you can continue along the farm track back to the start. We decided to take an older route across the malpais. Whilst this was interesting, it's not a very used or maintained path and is quite tough going.


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