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bei Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet (Saint Lucia)

This was more of a walk than a hike. It was VERY easy. As most of the walk is along the roads, best to remain alert and do this walk when traffic is light.
We began from the Rodney Bay Marina and walked along the street, continuing straight.
When reaching first circle at the golf course, we went straight.
At the second circle, we went up the road marked "No Through Road". There are some beautiful views from this road!
At the "T", we took a right.
Just after the "gingerbread" house on the right, there is a path on the left.
Further up the path, there is a fork in the road.
Either way you go, the areas are connected by a trail with trees that are well marked.
The trail on the left takes you up to the remains of circular mounts of two 15mm cannons that the US put up during WWII.
The trail on the right takes you to the remains of a house of Herbert Lutz that was never completed.
We went to the left...
On our way back, we took a road that on the Google Map showed a loop going back to the main road.
Along the way, we stopped for lunch at "The Naked Fisherman" for lunch. This was down 91 steps on a beautiful beach!
After lunch, we continued on the road to complete the loop, first checking out the beautiful grounds, view and menu at "The Cliff at Cap Maison" restaurant (planning for the future).
Back to the "loop" road, we reached the "end" and a guard who told us this road has been closed due to new construction of a new resort. So, we had to retrace our steps back to the main road in order to get back to Rodney Bay.


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