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bei Harmony Falls Landing (historical), Washington (United States)

You need a permit to hike Mt St Helens, so plan ahead. But I most definitely recommend that you make the effort to get a permit and hike Mt St Helens. The top of the mountain was already covered in snow by the end of September, so I'll need to return another time so I can reach the top. As you can see from the pictures, the scenery is fantastic. -And the weather changed almost every 10 minutes from sunny, to foggy, to snowing, to back to foggy. -Just amazing. Be sure to prepare for all of these changing weather conditions.

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  • angelbur 08.12.2014

    I read that this volcano exploded in 1980 and the whole northern slope disappeared and many people died. It is supposedly located on a very special heat point inside the Earth. I saw many pics in Google Earth, its view is actually stunningI wish to be able to visit it sometime (I write from Spain). Regards

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