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bei Acerno, Campania (Italia)

This is a great walk to the summit of Mt. Polveracchio. The track doesn't follow a standard track, but switches between a tourist track, a red/white marked track and also a track marked with a red dot.

See the way points that indicate where you'll switch between the different type of tracks.As there are few hikers in this area, the track is not always that clear, so you'll need to check your GPS regularly.

Almost all of the track is through a very think forest. Even on a sunny day, it might be a bit dark in the forest. When I hiked the trail, there were many low hanging clouds and mist, making it a spooky forest.

At the summit, trees have been cleared, giving you a pretty good view of the landscape, weather permitting.

If you're interested in Geocaching, you will find at least 3 caches along this track.

Remarks: This is a slightly modified version of the walk "dom 07/ago/2016 10:02:48" published here by piebat. However, as that hike doesn't contain a proper name, description or any pictures, I decided to publish it again.

Back on Main Road

At this point, you're back on main road, with around 2km left before you're back at the starting point.

Leave Main Track

At the point, just after a left hand turn and at the cusp, you leave the track made of white rock and take a not so clearly marked track up the mountain.

Red Route Start

On the way down, the route marked with red dots on trees starts

Parking/Starting Point

This is the best place to park and start your hike. It's the lowest point of the trail. You could park on a different part on the main road, but you are likely to finish with a (small) ascend.

Cross Fence

You'll need to cross some barbwire at this point

Cross Fence

You'll need to cross some barbwire at this point

Keep on Red Track

There is a lot of red paint on trees. Make sure to stay on track, which is making a turn to the right.

End of Red Track

Around here, the track of the red dot goes into a different direction.


The summit of Mt. Polveracchio


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