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bei Kaponyamboo, Muchinga (Zambia)

Beautiful, uninhabited part of Zambia that falls off down the Muchinga Escarpment; moderate, but certainly not difficult. Walked to the Falls, then took another route back; the coordinates going to the falls - along the creek at the top (North)- are reasonable enough, but the route back is a fair-to-good estimate, as the GPS device I was using did not work.
To the falls from Mutinondo Wilderness, who provided the guide and cook (Moses the cook is phenomenal; I ate like a king), is theoretically doable in 1 day, but I wouldn't recommend it because you're often walking through knee-deep brush and higher, some of it pretty thick. On the way there, we camped about a 3 hour walk away from the falls. Then on the way back, powered through until we were about 3 hours away from Mutinondo. In total a 4-day trek of unbelievable beauty - looking down from the falls into the South Luangwa National Park, and watching the sunrise, is simply spectacular.


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