• Foto von Navachica
  • Foto von Navachica
  • Foto von Navachica

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Hochgeladen 12. Januar 2017

Aufgezeichnet Januar 2017

1.836 m
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102,85 km

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bei Árchez, Andalucía (España)

Starting out from above Nerja caves, we took a track up through El
Pinarilla. Approx 5 km off the main road, we parked up and headed off to the right. The track up is well marked and fairly obvious. You're following a dry river bed mostly. There are a couple of difficult climbs and, in places, it's quite tough and little scary.
It's approx 7.5 km up and the last hour, after las rancheros, is steady with easy terrain.
From the top of Navachica, we took a different back down heading off to the right. There are no obvious markings (at least we didn't find any) until we reached Altos de la Mina / Poyos de la Mina. The decent from hear down is a bit hairy and we lost sometime trying to find a way.
The return route is approx 10km and took over 4 hours.
All in all, it's a good 9 hour hike with incredible views and beautiful trails. We were locky with the weather - a fog rolled in twice but passed by after 30 minutes.
Take plenty of water - I'd recommend 2 / 3 litres. Enjoy!

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  • Foto von Garry McC

    Garry McC 12.01.2017

    Sorry about the spelling (and grammar in places).
    Also, the map is incorrect. The distance is only 17.5 km

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