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bei Staffordville, Connecticut (United States)

This trail is marked as a snowmobile trail, but is is a fine hiking trail. There are some GEOCaches along it, so you can get those. The trail does cross the main road at one point, so be careful. There is a nice bridge crossing a small brook which runs down to a large pond. I only went so far into the forest due to the August weather, but the trail continues on quite a ways. This is a hunting area, so be aware of that. It would be hard to get lost if you stay on the trail, but I suggest you carry a hiking GPS just to be safe. If you want to read more about hiking, visit my website at www.tomchoma.com - happy trails to all!

Bridge Over Creek

Wooden Bridge Over Brook

Cross Road

Cross Buckley Highway at this point - be careful!

Parking Area


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