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bei Omalós, Crete (Greece)

From Omalos you follow the asphalt road in the direction of Samaria gorge. Just before the intersection at the end of the village you turn left (you have to open two gates) and then you follow the blue and red markings.

Sometimes it is easy to lose the marking from the sight.

The trail is full of small rolling stones, it is necessary to have comfortable shoes.

Panoramic view of Omalos & northern coast

Panoramic view of Omalos & northern coast



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  • Foto von capiii

    capiii 25.10.2018

    Parcours fait jusque 1300 m vers 15h en octobre. Bien indiqué jusque cet altitude si on regarde bien les marquages au fur et a mesure ! Chaussures de rando indispensables. Vues incroyables et randonnée parmis les animaux locaux très agréable !

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