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bei Kalterherberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

This is a trip for those vacationing in Kalterherberg, provided they managed to secure one of the local holiday homes. The tour is a short ramble through and around Kalterherberg, which even includes a real bushwhack! Definitely a good introduction for those who want to experience this part of the Eifel.

The trip starts at the Hof-Cafe, which we recommend for its home-baked cakes, cold beers (in summer) or warm oven-fires and Glühwein (in the off-season).

Kalterherberg is a 'Straßendorf' (ribbon-built village), which means that one only needs to go beyond one plot on the main street to be at the edge of the village.

Having explored some parts of Kalterherberg, a good first rest can be had at the benches at way point 2 or way point 3. The bench at way point 3 has the inscription 'Om-lett', which is vernacular and could read something like 'on the lid' in English. No eggs on this trip!

Soon after, you descend into the valley of the Römerbach, which is a tributary to the Perlenbach dam. Here starts the bushhwack, for a few hundred meters. The aim is to reach way-point 8, where an asphalt was leads you back into civilization. Follow our trail (fording little streams and climbing over fences), or follow the stream upwards up to any other suitable shortcut.

From here, quiet roads lead you back to the center of the village and the Hof-Cafe (no eggs!).
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