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Koordinaten 5021

Hochgeladen 3. Juli 2017

Aufgezeichnet Juni 2017

289 m
-49 m
28,86 km

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bei Palaióchora, Crete (Greece)

Easy hike one-way, tough alternative going back on the same day

The hike from Paleochora to Sougia should be started early, because naturally the sun rises in the east, your walking direction, and is therefore right in your face the whole way. From Paleochora I tried to hitch-hike to Gialiskari Beach, which proofed impossible because only one car passed me on the way to the beach. 08:30 is obviously too early for tourists going by car to the beach. It's 4,5 km from the centre of Paleochora to the sandy part of Gialiskari Beach and the E4 track starts with a map-sign including a warning to bring water and mind the heat at the eastern end of the beach (see waypoint).
From there the 10 km to Sougia start. The terrain is totally easy and well marked. The path winds a little up and down until you get to the ascend of Cape Flomes, also called Cape Crocodile for obvious reasons when looked at it from Paleochora.
After the ascend you stroll through an area occupied by sheep and goats until you follow the path down to the valley of Lissos with its ancient excavations. Here you'll find drinking water coming out of a long tube. It tasted a litlle like a cave smells ;-)
After the valley of Lissos you ascend the eastern flank of the hill with direction Sougia. The path is still totally obvious and well marked.
After you reach the top a lot of thyme plants and bees greet you on your way to descend into the small gorge that will finally lead you to the port of Sougia if you turn right at the bottom of the port.
Here I extended the track by going left in the gorge and following the gorge up until I came upon a path, that led me uphill on the right (eastern) side of the gorge. A steep ascend and on towards the hilltop until I reached a dirt-track that winded down to Sougia.
After enjoying a swim in Sougia I went towards the port, entered the gorge and returned on the same way back to Gialiskari Beach. After 5 pm it was totally easy to catch a ride back to Paleochora. The second car that passed me stopped and I avoided the 4,5 km dirt-road back to Paleochora.

Länge: 28.8 km
Punkte: 5021
Erstellt: 2017-06-28 08:32:24
Tempo Ø: 3.8 km/h
Trackzeit: 7h:34m
Min. Höhe: 0 m
Max. Höhe: 286 m
Höhenmeter Bergauf: 1530 m
Höhenmeter Bergab: -1522 m
Höhenmeter Gesamt: 3052 m

Höhe21 m Azimut121° Genauigkeit3 m Erstellt2017-06-28 08:16:56

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