109 m
12 m
10,68 km

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bei Saßnitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Deutschland)

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  • Len Aye 02.08.2016

    Hi, can you provide me with the exact location where you tool this photo? We are planning to go to Rugen island in 2 weeks time for a hiking trip. Thanks.

    Len https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/parque-nacional-de-jasmund-382752/photo-99424

  • Foto von cascabullo

    cascabullo 02.08.2016

    I do not know the exact location, but I made the photos along the hiking trail https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/parque-nacional-de-jasmund-382752/photo-99424

You can or this trail