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bei Castiglioncello Bandini, Toscana (Italia)

Located on the outskirts of Castiglioncello Bandini, Podere Santa Pia is one of the best places to slow travel in southern Tuscany. This hike starts at the gates of Podere Santa Pia, and leads you through the woods to Castiglioncello Bandini.
Located on the outskirts of Castiglioncello Bandini, Podere Santa Pia offers the quiet tranquility of a private retreat, with numerous attractions and gorgeous small hillside villages within easy reach. Podere Santa Pia enjoys a wonderful panoramic view of the Tuscan Maremma and has a large garden with downey oak, cypress, rosemary, oleander and many other plants that are typical of the Mediterranean. In Tuscany, cypress trees are a prevalent part of the landscape and you will admire them around Podere Santa Pia as well as on the grounds of the villa itself. Read more on http://www.poderesantapia.com/engels/eng.htm
1 - Turn left, following one of the many paths around Podere Santa Pia. Walking straight leads directly to Castiglioncello Bandini.
Honeybees like a dark and secure space with a small defensible entrance. The honey bees' natural homes are tree hollows and caves. Bees are an important part of the natural environment and we should protect and save them. Read more about bees in southern Tuscany on http://www.poderesantapia.com/video/catchingaswarmofbees.htm
2 - A nice view on Podere Santa Pia and the surrounding valley. The unspoiled landscape surrounding Podere Santa Pia is its most truly memorable feature.
3 - Turn right. Going straight would lead you to Podere Chiusa.
4 - Turn right, uphill. Continuing left and downhill, leads you to a small lake.
5 - Turn right, steep uphill. Walking straight leads you to Podere Molino and Podere Capraia, and further on to the cemetery of Castiglioncello Bandini.
6 - Nice views of Tuscan landscape
7 - Continue left. [Turning right leads you to Podere Osteria, and is a shortcut of this itinerary. Walk around the farmhouse where sheppard's live and walk down to the right, in the direction of Podere Santa Pia and La Dimora, Podere Santa Margherita.] So turn left, and when you reach an asphalt road, turn right and walk steeply uphill. After a short climb, you reach the Chiesa del Madonnino and the Osteria La Rosa dei venti, where they serve great coffee and Italian beer. We continue on the Via del Madonnino, in the direction of the castle, in the corner of this ‘piazza’ you will find a source to take fresh water.
8 - Fonte, a source with drinkable water. Here you can take fresh water. Follow the road on your right, entering the village. In the corner (to your right upwards, behind the fonte) we can enter the heart of this authentic borgo. On he small square, the Piazza Salustio Bandini, we find the Chiesa di San Nicola and enjoy wonderful views over the Ombrone and Orcia valleys. Beyond the Chiesa di San Nicola you can walk down the stairs, continue to the right, walking around the castle.
9 - Castle in Castiglioncello Bandini, Castiglion del Torto. This medieval castle was the fortified home of the Aldobrandeschi family. The Aldobrandeschi were an Italian noble family from southern Tuscany. The possession extended to what are now southern Tuscany and northern Lazio regions of Italy. The most famous members were Guglielmo Aldobrandeschi, who lived in the 13th century and is cited by Dante Alighieri as the Gran Tosco ("Grand Tuscan"), and Pope Gregory VII. Later, the castle was owned by the Bandini family, hence the name of the piazza. Sallustio Bandini (19 April 1677 – 8 June 1760) was an Italian archdeacon, economist, and politician. He was an advocate of free trade, and removal of local feudal tariffs and tolls. He wrote an influential piece on this subject, titled ‘Discorso Economico sopra la Maremma di Siena’, published posthumously in 1775.
10 - Instead of following the road, we walk straight ahead. We walk along pasture fields, olive groves, along with a small house on the right, until we can see Podere Santa Pia on our right. There we cross the olive grove towards Podere Santa Pia, hidden between olive and oak trees. A beautiful view on this holiday resort and its grounds opens up.
11- Here we hit the road again. Turn right for a final short stretch toward Podere Santa Pia.


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