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824 m
14,51 km

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bei Ribeira do Raposo, Madeira (Portugal)

16 km – 620 m ascent
Rating: 4 out of 5 for the scenery. However, the trail is so crowded that it takes away some of the beauty of the place.

From the big parking next to the ER105, you find the Levada do Alecrim almost directly after the gate. Most people will follow the asphalt road down to the Rabacal shelter directly to the 25 fountains and the Risco watervall. Following the Levada do Alecrim first to another huge waterfall (that feeds the Risco waterfall) was actually the best part of this hike (quiet, with nice views and a small watervall/chute in the Levada do Alecrim itself included).

After about 5 km you reach the asphalt road that leads to the trails PR6.1 Levada do Risco waterfall and PR6 (Levada das 25 Fontes). The trail to the 25 fountains was extremely crowded, with people moving in both directions over a very small path along the levada, so you continuously had to wait for people to pass. Not the most serene place to hike! Also the 25 fountains themselves where a bit of a disappointment because there were so many people blocking all the good photo opportunities. Instead of walking back the same way that we came, we followed the trail along the Levada da Rocha Vermelha back to the PR6 and Rabacal. Note that some parts of this trail were steep and partly overgrown, but still do-able. At least it was completely quiet because of this! The asphalt road took us back to the parking. There’s also the option to do these last kilometers uphill with a little bus, but where’s the fun in that??


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