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bei Radomirë, Dibër (Albania)

This is maybe the best trail to reach dhe Korabi Highest peak. There are several other trails but I haven't done them. It is a 5 hour to reach the summit and 3 hours to get back. The view is beautiful and don't bring too much water because during the way you can find 2 or 3 places with potable water. I have pinpointed them on the map.
  • Foto von Perrua
  • Foto von Refreshing point
  • Foto von Refreshing point
Refreshing point
  • Foto von Stop
  • Foto von Maybe the best view
Maybe the best view
  • Foto von Korabi Peak
  • Foto von Korabi Peak
  • Foto von Korabi Peak
Korabi Peak

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  • Kitaristi 11.07.2018

    This is the best route! Bravo Genci 😉😉😉👌🌲🌲

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