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bei Radomirë, Dibër (Albania)

There are several hikes to the Korabi summit - we did this with an overnight camp at Fushe Korabi. Starting in Radomire, there are several ways to get lost, especially when asking the helpful people of Radomire. We only found the right way on our return.

Nowadays, a shorter more direct route from Radomires to Korab summit is signposted, but we haven't done this yet.

For the access, it is good to know that the road between Kukes and Peshkopi is now asphalt. The shortest way from Tirana to Radomire is via the autobahn to Kukes, then on good asphalt to Ceren, from which it is a short drive to Radomire.

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Korabi Summit

21-SEP-09 11:45:13

Korabi-Camp FusKorabi

20-SEP-09 17:35:50

Park Radomire

20-SEP-09 12:11:33

sheep stables

20-SEP-09 13:25:25

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  • Kitaristi 11.07.2018

    This is not the usual route and people from Radomire know the route very well.If u have been lost that's because it's nit easy to find it.However there route is marked if you follow the marks you will climb to the top.8768 meters

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