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bei Morningside Heights, Ontàrio (Canada)

This is a large park on the East side of Toronto (right across from the Metro Toronto Zoo). There isn't a parking lot at the north trail head but there were a half dozen cars parked on both sides of Meadowvale Road just north of the bridge that spans Little Rouge Creek.

The main trail is one lane wide, well marked (no maps) with great footing and is suitable for everyone including large groups (complete with stairs, railings and boardwalks in suitable locations). At the southern end (3.7 km) I left the main path and took much smaller unmarked paths that wound a bit closer to Little Rouge, looping back occasionally to the main path. I did ford a creek at one point, a bridge (see marked waypoint) was a few hundred meters further down the path. If you have any concerns, stick with the main path!

The hike features a big stand of cedars, some wetlands, ponds with ducks and geese, meadows, an old orchard as well as many nice views of the winding stream. A fair number of elevation changes that seemed to catch me by surprise. You were at the waters edge one minute and a few minutes later looking down on the stream 50 feet below.

This "in and out" trail makes it easy to adjust the length to whatever suits your needs and the conditions. For avid hikers it could be combined with Rouge Park -Vista (see additional Wikiloc entry). A nice 'urban' hike (some city noises), the park would have a lot more foliage during the summer but is probably navigable and enjoyable almost all year round.

Bridge over Little Rouge

Bridge over Little Rouge, on the return hike there were several places to cross (water level was low) and I shortened the hike a little by doing so


Main access road into the park from Meadowvale Road (Park Road?). There was a porta pottie at this intersection. Picture is looking due west (I left out the toilet).

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    Port flora 18.11.2015

    In the fall with water low there were numerous good places to cross. I couldn't resist and picked up a trail on the other side just up the embankment. I would not recommend doing this shortcut in the winter or spring. https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-senderismo/rouge-park-north-11437488/photo-6962511

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