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20,29 km

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bei Salteras, Andalucía (España)

Salida de Salteras, por Ruta del agua hasta Camas y por la margen derecha del Guadalquivir hasta San Juan y desde ahí hasta Sevilla. A Salteras hemos llegado en el cercanias desde San Bernardo 1,80 Euros. Etapa de 20 Kms de preparacion del Camino de Santiago

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  • Foto von romeo.lascaris

    romeo.lascaris 28.09.2012

    The first part of the route is very nice indeed. After crossing the first river/canal, however, you have to walk a small stretch over the high-way. That was not nice and may be dangerous. Alternatively, you can take the metro to Sevilla just before you cross the river/canal. The final part is not really interesting anyway.

  • jmrivero 28.09.2012

    I agree with your suggestion. But this day I had to do 20 Kms at least because I was training to Camino de Santiago. If you catch the metro in San Juan de Aznalfarache you can save 5 kms.

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