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bei Lichtenhain, Sachsen (Deutschland)

A day hike connecting some of the highlights of the Bohemian Switzerland in German and Czech territories. Due to two points of high difficulty I have rated this activity as a difficult one. People without a good physical condition, proper gear or climbing skills should not attempt this route.
The route starts at Beuthenfall. It is possible to get there by tram and there is also a car parking with room for about 20 cars. From here there is a very good trail to Häntzschelstiege, which NOT a hiking trail but a 96m vertical ascent on a rock wall that has been adapted to climb it without too much difficulty. There is no way to go around the wall and it can only be used to go up. The experience is quite exciting and the views are a gift and a reward for the effort. From here the next destination will be Idagrotte, a sandstone cave next to a cliff. Again, a bit of climbing and a bit of a narrow path with a vertical fall on one side but the view from it makes it worth it. The most beautiful views of the day are yet to come though. There is only one way to get to Pravčiska brána, a natural stone arch that fits a whole restaurant under it. The problem is that the only trail leading there can only be reached through the road 25861, making the hike partly on the asphalt. To access the arch area one has to pay 3 euro and once in one can get very cheap food and beer at the reastaurant, making it a good place for lunch. Another surprise of the day was that the passarel that connected the arch to the German side does not exist anymore even though it appears on the app. Some of the most amazing views of the hike are in this trail but the only alternative that does not involve a very long loop is to go down on a very steep slope made out of loose ground and trash from the restaurant. This part is the second reason why I think this route is difficult and if I would have known I would have walked some extra kilometres to save myself this slope. Once this obstacle is saved one can then enjoy walking on top of the arch and taking the trail next to the cliff that offers some astonishing views all the way back to Germany. The last highlight to see is then himmelsleiter. Another touristic attraction of the area that consists on a ladder climbing up between two stone walls through a very narroww gap. Again the experience and the views are worth it. There is a long way until there but some of the trails are very unspoiled and the forest often gets old, narrow and wild, for those who like to feel lost this is the right path to take. Once at himmelsleiter it is very easy to get back down to Beuthenfall.
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Natural rock
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