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bei Positano, Campania (Italia)

This is the famous and highly scenic Sentiero Degli Dei (Path of the Gods) in the Amalfi coast in southern Italy. It is an ancient trail connecting the towns of Nocelle and Bomerano perched up in the mountains overseeing the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Sorrentine peninsula. The views are truly amazing. In some places, the trail completely hangs off very high and completely vertical mountain cliffs (in some cases balcony-type) with no fences or hand rails at all. At 1.4 miles from Nocelle, the trail forks into an upper and lower segments. The upper trail is less exposed, a bit more wooded/shaded, and it passes through a couple of farming terraces with great views. In some places you can see the lower trail. The lower trail is more exposed to the cliffs and offers stunning views of the sea and the little towns of Positano, Nocelle, Praiano and Arienzo. In Bomerano, and the point of return in this track, there is a restaurant with no name, with excellent local food and friendly service.

The trail starts at the Villa Degli Dei -- turn left where there is a small shrine and a water fountain. To reach it, you need to walk down from the Nocelle parking through the town footpath and stairs (about 0.1 miles/200m).

No Name Restaurant

Great local food joint

Villa Degli Dei

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  • RD135 09.10.2015

    I just did this hike last week. It is absolutely fabulous. we did Nocelle to Bomerano and back, then added the walk back down the stairs from Nocelle to Positano. Most people, specially if short on time. only do the Bomerano to Nocelle part. As mentioned above, 1.4 miles from Nocelle, the path divides to upper and lower branches. The lower branch is the main branch with better view. If you want to hike both, then I recommend taking the upper branch going west to east and lower one going east to west (better views)

  • Bob.donze 14.05.2016

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    Excellent view of almafi coast. Trail undermined in many places on downhill side, stay on uphill side, drops 75 meters within 5 meters. Beautiful developed path.

  • Foto von alfredocondursi

    alfredocondursi 26.01.2017

    Ho fatto questo percorso due anni fa e ne sono rimasto più che soddisfatto, ci vuole impegno e determinazione, bisogna ben calcolare il tempo del ritorno per non ritrovarsi a camminare nel buio. Si gode di un panorama fantastico e si è totalmente immersi nella natura, adatto anche ai meno esperti se preparati opportunamente. Ci ritornerò sicuramente.

  • Fabbbk 03.07.2018

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    Le fameux sentier des Dieux, très belle randonnée mais plus logique de la faire en sens inverse en montant de Nocelle vers Bomerano et puis revenir en descendant. Seul souci est le nombre de places de parking très limité à Nocelle pour ceux qui arrivent en voiture. Bar- restos à Nocelle et Bomerano. Possible de faire l'aller- retour en 5h à une allure modérée.

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