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bei Soúgia, Crete (Greece)

The archaeological site of Lissos can be reached both from Paleohora - Gialiskari (longer) or from Sougia (shorter) following the E4 path along the coast.
From Sougia the hike is very characteristic since it first follows a gorge, and then crosses a panoramic plateau, before plunging down to Lissos.
Here I propose a more adventurous and panoramic variation on this: my track abandons the marked path as soon as the plateau is reached, pointing directly to its SSE corner. Overcoming some rock steps, which need some care but do not oppose any substantial difficulty, it then descends obliquely to the coast, which is reached not far from the little beach of Lissos.
The photographic documentation mixes material of 2011, when I was coming from Paleohora directed to Sougia - Lefka Ori, and 2015, when I was performing just a round trip from Sougia. The Gps track was recorded in 2015.

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Very quick and easy, since the gorge is not deep at this point.
Abandon the path and take left. There is no path, but the terrain is easy, although full of bushes.
This is perhaps the most striking spot of the detour from the classical path.
After first touching the shore, one has to overcome a last stretch of rocks before the apparition of the Panagia, followed by the wonderful beach of Lissos.
This little church is not far from the beach, but coming from Lissos you can miss it if you do not know that it is there.
Although the main interest of Lissos is an archaeological one, one could come here just for the beauty of its beach.
The point where the detour to the beach forks from the main E4 path. There are some cisterns in the vicinity.
Ruins of a temple, with a wonderful mosaic and with inscriptions carved on stones.
The point where the switchbacks reach the plateau is of course panoramic.

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von Alvaro sin más

    Alvaro sin más 07.08.2018

    the time is real? or with stops... we are thinking in do it, but there are many hours... Thanks!

  • Foto von Alberto Pedrotti

    Alberto Pedrotti 07.08.2018

    All stops are included! Probably also a swim is included. Walking should be 4-5 hours.
    Cheers, Alberto.

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