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bei Tamarin, Black River (Mauritius)

An attempt to follow an existing trail up Tamarin mountain towards the peak. The trail starts on private land and sometimes isn't entirely obvious or cleared. It's advised to closely follow the trail as going off of it will mean having to navigate dense bushes/branches.

Trail start: Behind the water tank, along the fence


There's two trails up/down. One goes East from the water tank along the fence then up and West. The other carries on East for a little longer. Your choice of which one you choose to go up/down. The East one is more scenic and open.

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  • rt_marder 22.08.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    We spent hours looking for the trail. We found the water tank aswell as the fence but we always ended up on designated construction sights or between luxus residences of the guarded neighbourhood.
    It seems like the hill is now a private area and at least from the north there is no access. In the north-east we found a path with a sign saying La Tourelle that led just a few hundred meters north through the bushes toward a guard house again in the middle of the guarded neighbourhood. At the beginning of the path there was another one passing more towards east that seemed right. But it was impossible to walk without heavy machetes.
    If there is any hint we would be happy to know as we are staying quite near and always see the nice hill when we start our day trips.

  • Philippe Cavaignac 11.10.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    Suivre la clôture vers l est derrière le réservoir d'eau jusqu'au panneaux vert qui indique la direction de la montée: Sentier z. Restez sur le sentier qui monte assez rapidement, il est équipé de cordes sur les parties difficiles.

  • Foto von V Ivanov

    V Ivanov 05.03.2019

    @rt_marder Thank you for the review. Although I believe the information on the trail starting point is there and in combination with the gps track should be relatively easy to find, I recognise I could be clearer regarding the specific way to get on the trail.

    I’m conscious you’re now no longer in Mauritius, but for the sake of other travellers, there is a fence behind the water reservoir. As you face the reservoir from the street, to its left is a ladder/pass over the fence and onto the hill side. Beyond that there the choice to go east or west as per my above instructions.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your trip.

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