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bei Sourbrodt, Wallonia (Belgique)

This trail is an extended version of the trail #5 of the Rother Ardennen Führer (2012).

The trail has three highlights: (i) the Boardwalks near Sourbrodt lovingly maintained by the Sourbrodt community, (ii) the glimpses of the Fagne Wallonne and the closest point to the source of the river Rur as you can get; and a wild stretch of forest along one of the branches of the young Rur. Between them, you have to cover some distance, but it is well worth the effort!

The source of the Rur is the interest of many hikers, but it is not well defined. There are several contributing branches, the major being the 'Rur' and the other the 'Small Rur'. This trail keeps north of the Small Rur.

Other than advised by the Rother Führer, we park at a parking area close to the moorlands. Once you step out of the car for a hundred meter or so, you find yourself in the middle of the Venn environment. It is difficult to describe, but once you are in the Venn, you know you are there. The first stop is at the propeller of a British aircraft downed in World War II. Flowers tell you that every life counts.

Next you cross the young Rur - a little stream compared to the river running through Monschau. Way points 8 and 9 seem to unnecessarily re-route the trail, but its done to protect the wetlands of the Venn. After all, the way is the goal. After way-point 9, prepare for some long-distance hiking to reach the Wallonische Venn. At way point 14, you can make out Signal de Botrange in the distance, the highest point of Belgium. Focus your vision on the ground, as you will cross the Rur again, as close to its source as you will ever get.

At way point 17, the most interesting part of the trail begins. You follow another tributary of the Rur (also called Rur on the maps), through a virtual wilderness. This trail is closed during night hours in the hunting season. Eventually, you reach the confluence of one branch of the Rur with another. You are close to the car park now.

Before calling it a day, pay a visit to the 'Russian Cross', and the nearby information chart.

The trail generally follows well maintained forest trails and boardwalks. The last stretch to the parking lot is without a visible way through recently cleared woods. It can be avoided by following the main forest trails (continuing straight at way point 17), but you will miss one of the main pleasures of this trail.
  • Foto von SF 10-Fork
  • Foto von SF 14-Fork
  • Foto von SF 15-Rur
  • Foto von SF 17-Fork
  • Foto von SF 17-Fork
  • Foto von SF 18-Confluence
  • Foto von SF 20-Russian Cross
La Croix des Russes (hist. Wayside Cross)


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