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Hochgeladen 26. Dezember 2017

Aufgezeichnet Dezember 2017

300 m
38 m
11,39 km

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bei Sveti Ivan, Primorsko-Goranska (Hrvatska)

We start from the parking lot near the nudist beach. About 45 minutes of walking along the coast and the beautiful beaches we comes to the beginning of the beautiful canyon of "Vrženica", which is about 2.5km long and an hour's walk. After the canyon, we reached the intersection where we would be coming back on less demanding track with the left turn after we turn right and go straight to the top of peak "Rebica" (311m). From there we descend to the sea level to cove "Vela luka" from where it can take about 20 minutes to the cove "Mala luka", but because of restriction of day time we decide to go back to avoid dark. Because of high temperatures I wouldn't advice to go on this trail in summer time...


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