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41,19 km

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bei Dundonnell, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Started at 3.30am carrying 9 litres of fluid between us - stashed 2L water for the return leg 3.5km into the track, before descending to cross the Abhainn Loch an Nid river.

Initially climbed on steep grassy pathless slopes, then navigate through crags, up scree slopes to join the final airy ridge leading to the summit - views from the ridge are spectacular. Descended scree to the first bealach, then over some bumpy ground before dropping again to the second bealach with two lochans at 650m.

Headed south and started the long rise of 340m across large boulders all the way to the summit cairn. The wind was starting to strengthen, so kept moving to continue in the same direction, down to the Cab Coire nan Clach bealach.

The next Munro rises with steep scree slopes and we soon join the eroded path that zigzags its way through the scree to gain height to cross stones/boulders leading us to the highest summit of the day. The path was quite eroded, quite steep, quite slippy and definitely needed poles. Spent a little time taking in the views before continuing to drop carefully down quartzite boulders to the bealach.

The craggy side of Mheall Garbh towers above us, but being 63m short of a munro, we took the bypass path that cuts across the NW slope to lead us to the second lower bealach and then rise up the broad grassy slopes to reach the summit. We continue along the narrow ridge to scramble easily onto the tilted platform. Looking north back up the valley, it was sobering to think it had taken us over 7 hours to get here and we were over 20km away from the road; didn’t want to twist an ankle here for sure. The ridge becomes a series of pinnacles, but the route bypasses these on the left until it drops steeply to the beallach (the lowest point on the ridge) between the two munros.

The traverse towards A’Mhaigdean is boggy, the path comes and goes, but we kept to the high ground to maintain dry feet before rising up its grassy slopes to finally reach the summit cairn. We continued out to its northern top to look at the final munro of the day now directly in view. Retraced our steps to pick up the path down over rocky ground to Poll Eadar dha Stac, the pass at the foot of Ruadh Stac Mor.

A short easy scramble into the gully to steeply rise through the crags and emerge on boulders where a faint path leads us to the fifth and final munro of the day. We descend to a point between the two lochans below and then follow the burn down to cross a few small streams to join a stalkers path leading us towards the Ghleann na Muice river.

We followed the path alongside the river downstream to Larachantivore where we cross it. The notorious boggy section was wet in parts and several detours were needed to avoid the worst of the bogs before reaching the final river crossing, the Abhainn Strath na Sealga.

The walk out was tough so needed to grind out the final 350m ascent to eventually join the main track to retrieve our water stash; this section phychologically felt the hardest of the day. The final 3.5km was a doddle being literally all downhill on an easy track back to the car.

The GPS battery ran out 30 minutes before we got back to the car, so the uploaded track is about 3km short of the total distance covered.


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