• Foto von The Jura as you have never seen it !
  • Foto von The Jura as you have never seen it !
  • Foto von The Jura as you have never seen it !

Zeit  8 Stunden 46 Minuten

Koordinaten 2295

Hochgeladen 22. September 2015

Aufgezeichnet August 2015

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1.715 m
862 m
16,48 km

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bei Allemogne, Région Rhône-Alpes (France)

The hike is 13km long, with an elevation gain and loss of 1200m (a bit easier than last Sunday)
We park at "Le Tiocan" in the heights of Thoiry (N46° 14.875' E5° 57.489').
We start with a straight climbing of 1000m to reach the Jura crests and the cave of "Sainte Marie du Jura". We will visit this small but intriguing cavern that had legendarily hosted a Hermite.
We will then continue on the crests enjoying a breathtaking view on the Alps and the Geneva valley, to reach our first highest peak of the Jura: Le Reculet. After a little rest, we will keep going on the crest through various interesting landscapes to reach our second highest peak of the Jura: Les Crêts de la Neige, where we'll have our lunch break.
From there, we will dive into an impressing canyon and come out through a beautiful path. We will then start our descent.
We should be able to make the hike in about 6-7 hours.

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  • elviswang 12.05.2019

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    We've followed the wrong guys and went along an uphill, therefore skipping Grotte Marie du Jura, this might cut 1 km. The trail there is not very clear because of snow, and it's not on the open street map as well. But we went further than Cret de la Neige, all the way to Grand Cret, that's almost 2 km extra.

    We end up going around 15 km. Roughly 6h45 hike since I didn't start tracking right into the hike. It was in early May so there's quite some snow and it's snowing and blowing hard between Cret de la Neige and Grand Cret. We enjoyed the scenery a lot because as soon as we reach Grand Cret, the cloud is blown to the west side. There're snow here and there between them, and on the road that we went down. Didn't go through the canyon(quite precise here!) because too much snow there. Ended up with wet toes but that's at the end of the day so not too bad. We also spent 20 minutes for lunch break. I would say in drier condition without snow and wind, I believe the original track is doable for fit people within 5h30. But 7-7h30 hours are safe.

    Description quite precise, doable within 7-7h30, even with wet/snow/wind condition here and there. With better condition, for fit people, 5h30 might be doable. Bring more water as after Narderan, there doesn't seem to be water point. Perfect scenery.

  • Foto von Christian Holzl

    Christian Holzl 17.05.2019

    Yes, with snow it's a bit more tricky.
    But you missed the cavern and the canyon, the two landmarks !
    You have to go back, definitely :-)
    Thanks for your comment and happy you enjoyed the hike.

  • Foto von Esther on Tour

    Esther on Tour 17.06.2019

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    Despite cloudy skies, we've had some nice views and even got to see a chamois.
    Just the path from the Chalet Narderant to the Grotte was hardly existing, but it is totally feasible to just cross the area without a path (though be aware of the cows, they did not seem to be used to hikers crossing....).
    Around Le Reculet, we met a lot of people, well it was Sunday...

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