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bei Planners, Wallonia (Belgique)

This trail is similar to trail 22 of the 2014 Roth Eifel Hiking Guide. It starts at the signposted parking lot of the Hotel-Restaurant 'Ferme Libert' just outside Beverce.

The trail is best known for the wild valley of the Tros Marets - undoubtedly a most photogenic scenery, where the path is secured for a few meters with a steel rope giving a slightly alpine feel. However, this stretch is rather short, but more delights await the hiker further on.

The next highlight are the board walks through the Fraineu Venn. These are very nicely done (and under repair in early summer 2017), and offer nice views over the foothills of the Venn. The path is a true footpath, and bicycles are not allowed.

At way point TM 15, we cross the road again (which we crossed already once at way point 8, which is an alternative starting point). There are two interesting crucifixes at way point 15.

At the way point 16, the trail turns to make an additional loop, which we strongly recommend not to cut short. It first leads to a hut 'red water', and then follows the stream Le Targnon. This is a most beautiful stretch. It passes the monument of the Baron Leon Fredericq (1851-1935), a professor who started botanical research in the Venn.
  • Foto von TM 03-Bridge
  • Foto von TM 03-Bridge
  • Foto von TM 03-Bridge
  • Foto von TM 09-Fork
  • Foto von TM 09-Fork
  • Foto von TM 09-Fork
  • Foto von TM 15-Road
  • Foto von TM 16-Fork
  • Foto von TM 18-Frederic Monument


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