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bei Hetaoyuan, Yunnan (China)

Descent to the river from Tina Guesthouse.

The entrance to the trail starts about 500m east from Tina Guesthouse. After crossing the road bridge over the valley and walking another 300m you will see on your rights a ticket booth set up by local Families.

currently they are charging 15RMB for entrance to the path. Expect to pay another 10RMB at the bottom if you would like to walk over the suspension bridge.
We were supposed to leave to airport around 11am so i started the hike very early around 6am or so.
It took me about 1:45 minutes to complete the hike, but i was rushing it a little.
The trail is quite dangerous to my taste in few places. During my hike there was not a single other person on the trail. No tourists or locals.

When entering the trail ticket boots was closed by there was a clerk in a local shop adjacent to the trail entrance who chased me and requested the payment.
Mid way down the descent there are two ladders one after another . first one is around 5m high, the other is about 20m high. I found this second ladder relatively scary but fortunately there is a narrow path you can take to bypass this ladder.

I suspect this ladder might be in use when there are larger crowds of tourists in order to manage the traffic by changing it to one way system (narrow path down, ladder up).
The bridge at the very bottom of the hike was closed as there was no one to charge for the entrance. I have managed to jump over the 2m gate and still crossed the bridge leading to the large rock middle of the river.

The river at this time of they year was relatively high and part of the chain protecting edge of the rocks was actually underwater.

All in all it is quite an exciting hike and being there all alone make it even a little scarry. during the day i am sure there will be quite a few local people along the way selling drinks etc, and some tourists surely as well.
500m west from the Hiking Trail entrance
Closed at such early hour
Was closed at the time of my visit due to early hour. 2m high gate is not hard to cross.


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