888 m
645 m
14,11 km

angezeigt 518 Mal, heruntergeladen 14 Mal

bei Brandenberg, Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)

Juni 2014 gelopen en is een getekende route.

Voor een uitgebreid verslag en vele mooie foto's zie onze website op mijn profiel of klik op onderstaande link.

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2 Kommentare

  • Foto von vivier

    vivier 08.04.2017

    Hello, I'm planning to do this hike soon. How long would it take for average hikers?

  • Foto von Marie-Louise73

    Marie-Louise73 08.04.2017

    Hi Vivier,
    We didn't have Wikiloc when we did this hike that's why we drew the trip. The scond part of the trip we've missed a path and were a bit stubborn and didn't go back. So it became an "adventurious" piece of this trip. We went through the middle of the wood/forest down hill and there was no path. After we were back on track we realised that it was a bit irresponsible to do this because we had also our dog with us. We didn't go to the top of the waterfall. If you really go there you should go to the top. It's really spectaculair. We went to the top last year in February/March when we were there for the second time. Please check that trail at the profile of PaulArnoe. That one has been recordered and isn't drawn. There is the time visible which we've spent about 3 hours and 9,62 km. The other one was a bit longer so a bit more time +/- 4 hours. Whatever you decide to do, have a good hike and enjoy it! Would you let me know what you have chosen and how you've experienced it? Thnx ML

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