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Fahrzeit  48 Minuten

Zeit  eine Stunde 8 Minuten

Koordinaten 176

Hochgeladen 9. April 2019

Aufgezeichnet April 2019

3.785 m
3.513 m
1,09 km

angezeigt 11 Mal, heruntergeladen 1 Mal

bei Champi Alto, Arequipa (Peru)

The descent from the end of the dirt road to the beautiful Waterfall Catarata Paccha close to Aguada Blanca, Arequipa Region, Peru.

In dry season a normal 2x4 gets easily to the parking lot. The trail starts in a downhill to a viewpoint (5 min) and from that point on gets steeper and more challenging. There is a small downclimb. Down in the valley one must cross the river and continue on the other side. The reward is an amazing waterfall and several natural pools.


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