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bei Volcano, Hawaii (United States)

This is ca. 7 miles (one way) hike to Napau crater in Volcano NP. It starts from the parking lot and goes to the overview of the active volcano Puu Oo. Since a shorter hike (from outside of Volcano NP) to it is closed, this is the best way to get there. Potentially, you can hike around Napau crater closer to Puu Oo, but it is hard to do in one day. Most of the hike till Makaopuhi crater is on the recent lava field and on the open sun. The last 2 miles you would be going through the jungle.
GPS was only turned on for short time periods to save battery, so use trail markings and common sense
Parking lot
Nice to gest here. Your next 2 miles will be in the jungles.
Old factory walls
You can view Puu Oo - the actual active volcano from here. There is a campgound near the overlook


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