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bei Widdau, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Given the popularity of Monschau as the prime destination in the Northern Eifel, one may wonder whether there are alternatives to the busy tourist roads that approach the town from all directions. Indeed there are such trails.

One of them follows the left bank of the Rur (seen upstream) from Grünental. The trail is - in parts - a 'trampelpfad', which is a non-maintained dirt-trail without trail markings. Aside from little-spoiled scenery and nature, the highlight of the trail is its entrance to town high above the market place, with probably the best views of Monschau that can be had.

It is best to park at the parking lot of the Grünental restaurant. Cross the bridge across the Rur, and follow the well marked Eifelsteig trail. A first memorable way point is Hubi's Eiche (Hubi's oak). At waypoint 4, follow the contour along the Rur valley.

At waypoint 5, find the unmarked cow path down to the bottom of the valley. You approach the Rur and follow its bank on a visible, but non-maintained trail. The impression is of a wilderness, and you may have to scramble across fallen trees.

At waypoint 6, you reach the bridge across the Rur. Don't take it - you will use the trail on the other side for the return trip. The next section will get you huffing and puffing, as you climb out of the valley. We took the shortcut between way points 8 and 9. This steepest section can be avoided by taking the left fork.

At waypoint 10, follow the left trail to keep the elevation - the trail to the right leads down to the Rur and up again. The two trails meet again at way point 13. At way point 14 is a bench, that presumably had a view across the valley - this must have been a while ago as the view just goes into the foliage.

At way point 16, cross the highway, and prepare for the last steep ascent to the chapel on the 'Kierberg'. From the chapel, and especially from way point 19, you have great views across Monschau. We hiked in the morning and happened to be at the Kierberg at 12 pm, when three different churches began ringing their bells.

Follow the steep town trails down to the market place - watch out at way point 20: continue straight to find some few stairs right onto the market place. You now have earned your lunch!

The return trip is not as exciting, but it makes a good ending to a half-day's outing. It follows the 'Rosenthal' Straße - first along old industrial buildings, then a private campsite, and eventually the Monschau filtration plant. Soon after, the under-footing becomes soft again, the vegetation lush, with nice views of the Rur stream. This continues for a while, and you pass way point 6 with the bridge (but stay on the same side). At waypoint 23 you enter the property of the Grünental. This used to be a camping site, which has long been abandoned. At the end, you reach the cafe or bistro Grünental, where you can have another round of refreshments or even dinner - on days it is open for business (usually Thursdays to Sundays, unless booked for an event). The starting point is very near.
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  • Foto von GT 03-Hubi's Eiche
  • Foto von GT 03-Hubi's Eiche
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  • Foto von GT 05-Fork
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  • Foto von GT 18-Chappel
  • Foto von GT 18-Chappel

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    Longer la Rur par les hauteurs et retour au bord de la Rur.
    Beau parcours.

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