47 m
-141 m
1,79 km

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bei Balata, Castries (Saint Lucia)

This is a very easy, short trail through the dry forest. It begins at the "Zoo". When you arrive, you head to the left of the main building to where the sign points to to a Medicinal Garden. (NOTE: In searching for the longer trail, we took a wrong turn... beyond the newly planted Medicinal Garden... and ended up in a garden... that is why there is a backtrack on our trail!)
There are two trails. A short groomed loop and a longer more natural, less groomed loop.
When you reach a "rest area" behind a fence, that is where you enter to proceed to the longer path which we took.
This path goes out and loops back to intersect with the shorter loop. At this point, you make a right to reach the area where you began.


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