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1.370 m
472 m
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bei Breccelle I, Campania (Italia)

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  • Foto von GerardNL

    GerardNL 29.10.2017

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    We followed this trail from Hotel Torre Orsini until waypoint marked as "PASSAGGI ESPOSTI".

    At waypoint "SELLA1", this track is taking a different road then the 300 marked track. This detour adds a significant amount of unnecessary difficulty to the track. A lot of it is just scrambling through the forest finding your own way, sometimes following some animal trails.

    If you follow this trail, I would highly recommend not to follow this track between the way points "SELLA1" and "CASETTÀ SU SELLA 2", but follow the red/white mark, just as you were doing before and after these waypoint. That will safe you lots of energy that will surely need later on this track.

    We learned about this "the hard way". It would have been nice if pisolite has included a description in his trail, so we knew it went off track.

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