11,37 km


591 m




591 m

Max. Höhe

1.632 m


48 4,5

Min. Höhe

1.060 m

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  • Foto von Velestovo Tri Mazi peak in Galicica National Park
  • Foto von Velestovo Tri Mazi peak in Galicica National Park
  • Foto von Velestovo Tri Mazi peak in Galicica National Park
  • Foto von Velestovo Tri Mazi peak in Galicica National Park
  • Foto von Velestovo Tri Mazi peak in Galicica National Park
  • Foto von Velestovo Tri Mazi peak in Galicica National Park


5 Stunden 47 Minuten




25. September 2016


August 2016
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12 Kommentare
1.632 m
1.060 m
11,37 km

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bei Velestovo, Општина Охрид (Македонија)

See https://mymacedoniablog.wordpress.com/ for more info about sightseeing and hiking in Macedonia

The hike from Velestovo to the Tri Mazi (three men) Peak and back is about 12 km in length with 600 m ascent and descent.

If you go by car to Velestovo, keep in mind that it is a small village with limited parking space.

This relatively short hike was a nice surprise! It was a small trail that apparently is not used a lot, as it was a little bit overgrown at some places, but not so much that it was difficult to find.

The first 7 km are uphill the last 5 km downhill.

After about 1 km from Velestovo, you leave the 4x4 track and take the small trail uphill.

After 5 km, you reach a point where several trails come together, make sure you keep to the left. The signpost that was standing here is broken.

It has nice changes of scenery, from forest to valley and great views of Ohrid from the peak. I probably saw a deer or something similar at a certain moment, but it jumped away too quickly to get a good view.

5 out of 5 stars for this lovely hike!

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Tri Mazi peak

12 Kommentare

  • Foto von edmont

    edmont 13.04.2017

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    I did this route on Easter Thursday 2017, with a very good weather (just a bit windy on the top). Took a taxi for 200 dinars from Ohrid center to Velestovo and started following the GPS. The marks are many, but it's difficult to see them because they are pretty erased. The route is mostly easy, no big slopes. The only difficulty is the amount of medium size rocks over almost all the way. I'd recommend high boots instead of sneakers, to protect your ankles.

    I didn't see any other person, neither cattle or shepherd dogs. I saw instead a viper and two partdriges. And had to remove one tick! Luckily before it bite.

    To go back to Ohrid I decided to walk down the paved road, it's 6 km downhill until the center.

  • tanjanyrup 22.04.2019

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    The trail was very easy to follow untill just before the top. At this place we couldnt find any more of the many many red and White marks. And unfortunately our phone with wikilocs also ran out of power. BUT will nonetheless recomend this walk with beautifull view over Ochrid and surrounding mountains many og which were still covered in snow (mid-april).

  • Foto von Pijlmans

    Pijlmans 23.04.2019

    Hi Tanjanyrup, too bad your phone ran out of power! I think it's better to use a dedicated outdoor GPS (running on replaceable AA batteries) than a mobile phone when you go out into the mountains...Thanks for the review!

  • iliev.anja 08.07.2019

    Hey, didn't know how to send you a message so I do like this. I've read that the path is not very well marked but I'm planing to follow you route. Is the peak marked in any way? Greets

  • Foto von Pijlmans

    Pijlmans 08.07.2019

    The peak is the highest point :-) You cannot rely on marking in Macedonia. I always suggest to use an outdoor GPS or if you use your phone, take a powerbank with you. Have fun doing this enjoyable hike!

  • iliev.anja 08.07.2019

    I actually thought that Magaro was pretty reliable so I was hoping for a sign like a big stone where it says "tri mazi", or is it just an open area? U understand what I mean :)?

  • Foto von Pijlmans

    Pijlmans 08.07.2019

    If I recall correctly there is no concrete marker or any other kind of marker at the Tri Mazi peak...when “up” becomes “down” you have reached the peak 😀

  • Foto von lykoszine

    lykoszine 28.08.2019

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    Super nice, and easy to follow. Although I think the elevation gain might be off? Unless I was misreading the stats enroute it is closer to 800 than 500.

  • Foto von Pijlmans

    Pijlmans 01.09.2019

    Hi Lykoszine, thanks for the review. As far as I can judge the elevation gain is between 600-650 m. I have noticed that with e.g. Garmin devices with a touchscreen peaks can occur in the height profile on windy days. These peaks add to the height profile. Maybe that is the case with your elevation gain of 800 m?

  • Foto von lykoszine

    lykoszine 02.09.2019

    I was using just the Android app, so maybe not super sensitive. Either way, all good. Thanks!

  • Amador Jimenez 04.05.2021


    I hope this request finds you well.

    Would you please recommend me best two hikes around Ohrid Lake. I am looking to hike 15-25km per hike or day. In the Macedonian side of the lake please. I will be travelling from Colorado USA this June. I am very excited after reading your reviews. If you tell me the best 2 hikes then I know I wont waste my time. Thanks!

  • Foto von Pijlmans

    Pijlmans 05.05.2021

    Hi Amador Jimenez,

    By asking me to recommend the two best hikes to do in your holiday you're putting quite some responsibility on my shoulders :-) On my blog I have added ratings to the the hikes I did so it's a bit easier to select the ones I personally liked best: https://mymacedoniablog.wordpress.com/hiking/

    You're asking for hikes 15-25 km so I assume you're in good condition and used to do a good amount climbing. I also assume you have a GPS device, because marking is usually lacking in Macedonia. The hikes I would recommend for you are:

    https://mymacedoniablog.wordpress.com/hiking/galicica-national-park-over-the-ridge/ (https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/galicica-national-park-traverse-via-the-ridge-14871764)
    It's long but relatively easy-going because it's mostly downhill after the first part with climbing. At the end I would advice to walk towards Velestovo instead of to Konjsko. Downside: It's a line-walk so you need to be taken to the start (about a 45 drive from Ohrid). I can give you the number of an English speaking taxi driver if you want.

    https://mymacedoniablog.wordpress.com/hiking/vevchani-gorna-belica-lake-lokva-20-km/ (https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/vevcani-roundtrip-7546715)
    I did this a long time ago but really loved the hike and the views. A long hike with 1400 m climbing, which is quite a lot! A great extra is that you can visit the famous village Vevchani with its springs.

    Have fun and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions!

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