• Foto von Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 17 - Aeclanum (Passo di Mirabella) to Benevento
  • Foto von Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 17 - Aeclanum (Passo di Mirabella) to Benevento
  • Foto von Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 17 - Aeclanum (Passo di Mirabella) to Benevento
  • Foto von Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 17 - Aeclanum (Passo di Mirabella) to Benevento
  • Foto von Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 17 - Aeclanum (Passo di Mirabella) to Benevento

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bei Passo di Mirabella-Pianopantano, Campania (Italia)

This is the seventeenth stage of the Via Appia by foot, from the ruins of Aeclanum just outside Passo di Mirabella to the town of Benevento.

Link to Stage 16: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=15847168
Link to Stage 18: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=16032096

In general, the track follows the Via Appia Antica loosely as it's usually not possible to hike the original route anymore. In large part because the old road has been upgraded over the centuries and is now a highway in some section or a main provincial road where cars are speeding by you. In other sections, the road is simply gone. Instead, I've searched for nice roads, a little away from any main roads where there is a lot less traffic (or none at all), while trying to stay true to the original road where possible.

In this stage of the Via Appia, it seems that there used to be a water crossing at a place without a bridge. I guess depending on season, this could be an easy task, but looking at the various pictures, it could be quite dangerous after some rain. So after some searching, I decided to alter this track to pass the river by a bridge that adds around 2 km to the track. If you do this track in late summer after a period without any rain or feel up to the challenge, you could opt to follow the waypoints marked as Alternative Track. It will make the walk slightly shorter, but could make it a lot harder if the crossing gives you wet shoes.

After leaving Aeclanum, the first 3 km follows the main road (SS90). When the road makes a sharp turn, you leave the main road and follow smaller tracks.

After an additional kilometer, you'll get to the point where you'll need to decide to follow the indicated trail, or go for the alternative track with a possible wet crossing. For this description, I'm presuming you're following the indicated track.

When your odometer reaches 6.5 km, you'll come in the small town of Calore. When you reach the post office, you make a right turn onto the SS90 and cross the bridge. Soon after the bridge, you will leave the larger again. At that intersection, you'll pass by the last coffee bar until Benevento (after 19 more km), so you may want to take advantage of this knowledge and stock up.

The next few kilometer, you'll follow the SS7 which is a larger road than I like, but there is no alternative. Follow this road until you pass under the highway. When you're odometer reaches 10.7 km, you leave the SS7 and get back onto smaller tracks. After another kilometer, you'll come pass by the point with the river crossing. From here, the alternative track rejoins the regular track.

For the next 13 kilometer, you'll pass along farms and a lot of farmland. There are a few turns in the road to give you some distraction, but otherwise there is not too much to see until you once again pass under the highway.

Just after passing the highway, you'll come into Benevento and virtually the first thing you'll see a big supermarket on your left hand side. You might want to take advantage of it, but there are several coffee bars, you'll pass by as well as at least 1 more supermarket.

The last part of the trail takes you through the more modern part of Benevento to the older part and to a hostel in the pedestrian zone.

For details on the hostel, see: http://www.lestanzedelsogno.com/home.html (between 10 and 15 euro for a night). But there are also plenty of hotels and B&Bs in town.

After a refreshing shower and some relaxing, you might want to visit some of the churches or the nearby roman theatre.

Enjoy the trail end leave a comment. In particular if you know some interesting way points should be included or an alternate track that could/should be used. Any information is much appreciated.
The starting point of this trail at Hotel Aeclanum
Pass under the highway and make a left turn
Cross the water somewhere this point. Search for the easiest and safest spot.
When back on the paved road, make a left turn and a right turn after 150 meter to get to water crossing
The starting point of the alternative track
Continue straight at this intersection on a small unpaved road
See: http://www.lestanzedelsogno.com/home.html
The last coffee bar for the next 20 km.


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