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bei Erkensruhr, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Erkensruhr, the hidden village in the Erkensruhr valley, doesn't seem to have made up its mind wether it wants to blossom or disappear from the map. The nearby Rur dam and the village of Einruhr forever seem to steel the show. This might be exactly what makes Erkensruhr the hiker's secret tip: A beautiful hidden valley, with easy access to the 'Dreiborner Hochfläche' (a previous military training ground) and its modern-time windmills, and a multitude of well laid-out trails. One can easily make out enough trails to fill a few weekends of hiking from Erkensruhr.

One of them is the 'Schöpfungspfad' or 'Path of Creation', which our trail briefly touches.

The Erkenruhr (which obviously gave the village of Erkensruhr its name) originates at the confluence of the Wüstebach and the Püngelsbach - two small streams that you do not need to memorize except when you happen to live in the area. Our trail passes this confluence. More interesting is the general topography of the area, that created this truly hidden and very beautiful valley. And if you are really into linguistics, note that the Erkensruhr, as a tributary to the better-known Rur stream, has an 'h' in the 'Ruhr' name.

We hiked in early April, after a particularly long and cold winter, and must admit that there are other more colorful seasons. Having said this, the highlands of the Dreiborner Hochfläche have a certain austere charm that makes for a great hike in any season.

We started the hike in Erkensruhr village. The trail begins with a rather steep ascent to the Dreiborner Highlands - with this you will have managed the hardest part of the trail right away. Note the warning signs not to leave the marked trails, as you will be crossing an area previously used for military exercises; there is a (probably very minor) risk of unexploded ordinances.

You follow the trail along the windswept 'highlands' - which naturally have become a place for numerous wind-turbines. Soon you cross the intersections with the 'Schöpfungspfad'. We press on, and will join this 'path of creation' a little later on, to arrive at the labyrinth with its somewhat mystic appearance.

Continue downhill to the confluence of Wüstebach and Rüngelbach - and the source of the Erkensruhr (waypoint 11). Nothing spectacular, but there is a shelter for a good rest.

A little onward, do not miss the easily missed turn (waypoint 12) onto the footpath - lest you are short of time and wish to hurry along the forest road....

The following path is delightful with moderate ups and downs. At waypoints 13 and 14 you have the choice to slightly shorten the hike back to where you started.

Connect to the trail 'Dreinborner Hochfläche' (wikiloc # 15246639) for a longer hike.
  • Foto von EH 01-Fork
  • Foto von EH 01-Fork
Patterns in the forst - before spring
  • Foto von EH 02-Signboard
warning signs
  • Foto von EH 04-Fork
  • Foto von EH 04-Fork
IN early April, parts of the trail were still quite muddy, and sturdy boots are advised
  • Foto von EH 07-Fork
  • Foto von EH 07-Fork
  • Foto von EH 07-Fork
Seidelbast or daphne
  • Foto von EH 08-Labyrinth
  • Foto von EH 08-Labyrinth
At the labyrinth - nothing mystic, but a point for reflection
  • Foto von EH 11-Bridge and Hut
  • Foto von EH 11-Bridge and Hut
The confluence of Wüstebach and Püngelbach

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    Monique & Arnold 06.05.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    Nice track!

  • jean.claude.malatier 24.05.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    Tres beaux paysages. Endroit paisible.

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