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bei Marbella, Andalucía (España)

Marbella with two kids 3.5 and 1.5 years. Started in the park with playground, via promenade along the beach, next moved to the old city and back to the parking.

Longer description
We started looking for the free parking slot, it was hard to find one on Sunday's afternoon, but we found one near the entrance to the underground parking.
From there it was very close to the entrance of the Park of the constitution. It is worth to visit even without the kids for its old trees. For the kids there is a playground and for older an astronomy small museum (were closed when we were there).
From there it is just a hundred meters to the promenade along the coast with a lot of bars and some souvenir shops. Nearby there is an interesting viewpoint. It is situated very low, so the view is not spectacular, but the waves are hitting the stones put there which can be quite entertaining for the kids. From there we walked along the cost until we reached the line of sculptures made by Salvador Dali. From there we kept north to reach the Old Town. There are plenty places to eat around or to shop. At of sudden we noticed it is high time to start going back, so we took another road leading back to the park.
Parking nearby. Also some outside parking slots, but hard to find a free place.
Entrance to the park with some very old trees and quite nice playground
Jump, jump!
The cyca, sago palm


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