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bei Kalterherberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

It would be impossible to visit all highlights of the Monschau area in a single hiking day. This tour focuses on the western part, and captures the Upper Rur valley, the Monastery Reichenstein, several Leys (outcroppings of the local slate that substitute for summits), the pretty town of Monschau, and the peaceful Perlenbach Lake. The trail is rather long with three considerable ascents.

We started the tour in Kalterherberg, at the Bistro dr’Zien – if only so you know that refreshments await at the end of the trip. The trail skirts the village of Kalterherberg before descending to the Rur. Watch out for the Norbertus chapel on the right. From here, during spring, whitewater enthusiast can often be met in the kayaks.

A short excursion leads to the Monastery Reichenstein. It might be possible to visit the chapel inside the Monastery yard. Near the monastery, the old railway viaduct looms overhead. This is the way of the Ravel cycling trail, which follows disused railway lines from the northern part of the Eifel to the south.

Now, a particularly wild part of the Rur awaits the visitor. We recommend staying on the left bank, as the path on the other side is wide and more frequented by cyclists. You reach the Fischerhut, a small refuge that in the distant past was a tavern and resort with entertainment for several hundred guests.

Shortly after, don’t miss the turn to the Ehrensteinley. It’s a steep but worthy ascent. The Ley itself is almost an alpine summit, complete with summit rocks, cross and views.

Descend into Monschau. A meal can be had at the Brauhaus or in the Glashütte – or any other place in Monschau. Before settling down remember that you only covered just a little more than half of the trip. From the Glashütte (which is a handicraft market, where glass blowers can be sometimes watched) prepare for the ascent to the next two summits: Teufelsley and Engelsley. The views from the two are similar, and especially the Engelsley also has a summit-feel.

Descend towards the Perlenbach dam. You also could head directly for the Hotel Perlenau for another refreshment, which involves a little more loss in elevation. Our trail also avoids the hazard of getting stuck in the terrace restaurant. A very peaceful stretch follows the bank of the Perlenbach lake.

Soon after the lake you reach the Höfener Mühle, also a place of rest, drink and merriment - but keep in mind that the final ascent back to Kalterherberg is still ahead.

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  • laurensdew 23.04.2017

    Great daytrip, thanks alot!
    Beautiful scenery, paths are good to follow.

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