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Uploaded 30. April 2016

Recorded April 2016

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bei Pont-de-Nant, Canton de Vaud (Switzerland)

Ferrara du Lavanchy

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  • Foto von Neo-Zoë-Sandra-Emmanuel

    Neo-Zoë-Sandra-Emmanuel 13.05.2016

    It was end of April and quite warm in the Rhone valley. Although not very high in altitute (about 1250 meters) there was a lot of snow. Not convenient to reach the Via Ferrata du Lavanchy but it was much fun!!

    You really have to pay attention to find the Via Ferrata. When coming up all the way from Pont de Nant there is a big tree growing on a rock on the right side of the track. There you have to turn right and approach the rock.

    Back at the car I wanted to upload the track to Wikiloc but there was no internet connection. In addition, we were in a hurry to go back to be in time for a theater play of my dauther. So I forgot to 'end' the trip and it stayed on while driving back in the car to the Rhone valley. This explains the high speed and the constant decline in altitute on the last 5 km!!

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