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bei Höfen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

A varied hike that combines trails along the huge beech hedges that are so typical for the area, farmland, the secluded Kluckbach valley, and many interesting sites along the way.

The hike starts in Höfen. After a few hundred meter you pass the "Alte Molkerei", which is one of the official gates to the Eifel National Park. Pay attention at house number 16 in the Weiherstrasse, which is a good example of the traditional building style using reed for roofing. The trail follows the "Heckenweg" or hedges-trail. You join the "Eifelsteig", which is a long distance trail that crosses the Eifel from North to South.

The Kluckbachhütte is an assembly of huts and picnic tables near a demonstration-sawmill. Continue along the Kluckbach until it reaches the Rur. There is a hut on the other bank of the Rur. From the bridge across the Kluckbach ascend steeply to the Pferdsley (horse-rock) with bench and some views. Later you reach the Waldpavillon Zur Kluck - this is a shelter with many exhibits related to past and current forest management. Further on is the "Bienenlehrstand" - an area where everything related to bees and beekeeping is explained, including an insect-hotel.

Next is the village of Rohren, which has a summer bob-sledging facility. An extra loop leads past the well-kept Lourdesgrotte. Through pastures back to Höfen. Pay attention at waypoint 22, where instead of following the road, you squeeze through what looks like private property to reach the road and point where you started.

Refreshments can be had at the "Alte Eifelhaus" near the parking or at the "Alter Molkerei".

The hike is similar to the trail #14 of the Eifel Rother Hiking Guide (2014 edition).


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