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bei Kalterherberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

The Perlbach valley, which during spring sees the spectacle of thousands of wild-growing daffodils, is a favourate hiking area along the German - Belgium border. For those shying away from the big Daffodil-tour (see Wikiloc # 9884966) there is this shorter variant. As a bonus you get the views from the Bieley, which is a rocky outcrop overlooking the Schwalmbach valley; a side-trip to the "stern" (star) which is an intersection of five paths; and the return via the Jaegersief (a sief is the source of a stream). The varied trail has been recently improved through several new picnic stations.

The trail leads partly through protected areas, and possible side-trips can be blocked. While this may appear to be a nuisance, you get compensated with possible sightings of deer and other wildlife!


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