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  • Foto von Schwarzsee to Kreuz im Venn
  • Foto von Schwarzsee to Kreuz im Venn
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Uploaded 16. Oktober 2016

Recorded August 2016

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bei Leykaul, Wallonia (Belgique)

The 'Hohe Venn' and the area around Monschau are often treated separately in Hiking guides. The Cross in the Venn is usually visited in connection with the Cloister of Reichenstein, which in turn is visited on trails starting in Monschau. Here, we connect a pleasant Venn experience with the Cross in the Venn

The hike starts in Küchelscheid (across the border vom Kalterherberg) and follows well maintained forest trails to the Schwarzsee (Black Lake). If you thought that all waters are the same, think again. The lake is fed by streams coming from the moorlands, and the water is as black as you may not have seen before.

Continue with views across the typical moorland of the Hohe Venn, and eventually turn to the 'Kreuz im Venn', with its grotto and a statue of the Virgin Mary. The place has religious significance and people from Kalterherberg still congregate at high holidays for a Holy Mass.

Most of the trail in in Belgium, while the last part (with the cross) leads through a German enclave, separated from the the rest of Germany through a narrow strip of railway track (now a bicycle track) that technically belongs to Belgium. Thankfully, you will not notice any border crossings!

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von Kees van de Wiel

    Kees van de Wiel 31.12.2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    heerlijke wandeling op 31 December 2016 met de vorst en rijp op de palnten en bomen.

  • Emiel Huybrechts 01.06.2017

    Vandaag 1 juni deze wandeling gemaakt.
    Heerlijk landschap, mooie licht en schaduwpartijen.
    Bedankt aan de plaatser op Wikiloc.
    Emiel Huybrechts

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