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Uploaded 22. Januar 2017

Recorded Januar 2017

606 m
471 m
8,09 km

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bei Alzen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

A winter walk near the Höfener Mühle. Plenty of snow, glorious weather, well below the freezing point, make this hike even more desirable than in summer.

The Fuhrtsbach and the Perlenbach were partly frozen. The long ascent from the valley to the Jägersief is sufficient exercise to keep warm. The shiny new shelter at the Jägersief is well exposed to the south, and worth a long rest, before returning to the freezing temperatures of the valleys, parts of which will see no sun during the winter months.

We were lucky that there were visitors in the days before, so that most of the tracks were used and easy to walk.


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