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bei Hollerath, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

This is a 5-star highlight of the Daffodil season.

The Olef stream, before it feeds into the Olef Dam, forms the border between Germany and Belgium. It crosses right through one of the largest patches of forest in the Northern Eifel. As such, our trail is somewhat remote and requires a few minutes of planning.

We opted to spot a car where our trail meets the major Bundestrasse connecting Monschau with Schleiden, and to begin the hike at the parking place in Hollerath - the Hollerather Knie (Hollerather knee). A parking fee is charged in winter and through the Daffodil season, and while there seems to be no shortage of 'free' parking in the vicinity, we find it ok to support the local community. Of course it is entirely possible to turn the hike into a loop hike (making it a 18 kilometer hike), or extend it along the Oleftalsperre or into Belgium. A shorter loop hike (5 km) is also signposted by the municipality.

We learned that wild Daffodils occur in Germany only in the Eifel and the Hunsrück. This is surprising, once you see the masses of Daffodils breaking through the grass, when in season. You need to consult the relevant news magazines or webpages to find out exactly when the Daffodils are out.

The daffodils are almost everywhere along the Olef stream, though there are some spots where they cover entire fields. From the distance, those fields appear to merely consists of brown grass, but as you approach you suddenly realize the full glory of virtually millions of Daffodils.

The Daffodils attract thousands of visitors, and if you have the choice, avoid the weekends.

After the hike, we enjoyed a freshly made soup in the local 'Schänke' (Pub) next to the church in Hollerath.


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